CrossFit NorthWest Tucson has some exciting events around the corner! The first being Helen Meets Grace on Friday September 26th. The event will start at 5pm with heats running every 20 minutes. You are not required to show up at 5pm either.  If you can't get there till later, no problem, we'll get you in a later heat.   All details can be found HERE.  Contact Coach Dan with any questions you may have.     October 25th we will be hosting the Jumpropeology Clinic from RX Jump Ropes.  This clinic is loaded with great information for all skill levels. The clinic...Read More


Pistol Technique:

Lunge Progressions - 5 Reps Each Leg at each Position

Box Step Ups - 5 Reps Each Leg

Box Pistols - 5 Reps Each Leg

Rolling Pistols - 5 Reps Each Leg

Pistols - 5 Reps Each Leg



Wine, Women & WOD Workout #2

12 Minute AMRAP

RX Division

40m Farmers Carry 70/44

12 Calorie Row (Damper Setting 8)

6 Pistols


Scaled/Masters (+45 years old)

40m Farmers Carry 53/35

12 Calorie Row (Damper Setting 8)

30 Air Squats


Farmers Carry: The kettlebells can be left outside during the WOD but must be kept inside the fence line, not out in the alley.  A single kettlebell in each hand. First gym must walk past the 20m line, then return to inside the fence line.  The second gym will start inside the fence line, walk out to the 30m line, then return.


The standard Damper Setting for all the Rowers is an 8 today.