What hasn't already been said about this amazing trip Kathy just took?  2nd Fittest in the World has a nice ring to it.  Kathy worked her butt off to qualify out of the Open, then even harder during the second round of qualifiers.  Coach Greg had her prepared for everything they threw at her but little did she know the real work actually started leading into the Games.  She worked harder than I've ever seen and it showed. In true CrossFit NorthWest Tucson fashion, you walk out better than you came. Kathy qualified 3rd overall and after a hard fought 3 days finished 2nd!! &...Read More


For Time (7 Minute Cap)

8 Deadlift 155/115

7 Clean 155/115

6 Snatch 155/115

8 Pull ups

7 Chest To Bar Pull ups

6 Bar Muscle Ups


6 Deadlift 155/115

5 Clean 155/115

4 Snatch 155/115

6 Pull Ups

5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

4 Bar Muscle Ups


4 Deadlift 155/115

3 Clean 155/115

2 Snatch 155/115

4 Pull Ups

3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

2 Bar Muscle Ups



Scale the Pull Up/Chest to Bar/Bar Muscle ups with

21-15-9 Pull Ups - meaning the first sequence before 21 reps, 15 in the second, and 9 on the final.  Scale the pull ups as needed to complete the workout.

If time cap hits, 1 Second penalty for every rep you do not complete.