Coach Dan and Coach Ron are back for their third year with the Power & Fitness Summer Camp.  We're looking to improve on the gains that were made last year with some really great new ideas while staying true to what has made created amazing Teen Athletes.    Some facts of previous Teen Athletes who participated in the summer camp: -  Maddy M. set a freshman cross country record. -  Christine B. qualified for state as a freshman in the 200m dash. -  Mario C. made the A team in 8th grade football and was their number 1 receiver.    -  Abram ...Read More

MONDAY 042114

Happy Belated Birthday Coach Marci!!!

Run   400m
MONDAY 042114

For Time

40 Weighted Sit Ups 53/35

40 Wall Balls 20/14

40 Walking Lunges

40 Box Jumps 24/20


This is a 400m Time Trial.  Coaches, everyone will start out at the 0 Line and finish at the 400m Line in the back alley.  Hand timed (stop watch is on the fire extinguisher).  


Allow minimum 10 minutes to recover before starting the WOD.