The Power & Fitness Summer Camp is back for another year! This time around Coach Marci will join Coach Dan for a summer of hard work and fun.   We have big changes planned for them and a lot of exciting new ideas.  For starters the time of the session has changed to 11:00am-12:30pm.  This allows the Camp to take over the ENTIRE gym.  We've grown out of the small specialty gym and now require the entire facility.     Camp will begin May 27th and run until July 17th.  Classes will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the new hours of 11:00am ...Read More

SUNDAY 052415

MONDAY Morning is MURPH! The first heat will START at 800am. Doors will open at 730am for that first heat to get warmed up and set up.  Each heat will start 45 minutes after one another.  The time you signed up for is the time you will START the WOD so be on time and ready to go! 


All are welcome to come down and support even if not participating in the workout. You can bring snacks and any refreshments you like. The gym will be closing down shortly after the final heat is done! Parking is limited so car pool if you can.



SUNDAY 052415




4 Rounds for Time


10 Burpees to Bumper Plate 45/25

10 Single Arm Kettlebell Thrusters 53/35  (5 each arm)

200m Run with Bumper Plate 45/25


*Burpees to a plate mean that you will drop chest to the ground and then finish with a jump on top of your plate. Must show extension on top  of the plate before starting the next rep (just like a box jump).  

You are NOT required to clap.

You cannot have any part of your body over the plate while performing the burpee