The weekend of October 18th will have many CrossFit NorthWest Tucson ladies competing in the Wine, Women and WOD at CrossFit Tucson.  This is an all women competition running all day down at 3820 S. Palo Verde Road.  Take some time out of your Saturday and come support these lovely ladies. The following week, CrossFit NorthWest Tucson is hosting RX Jump Rope's Jumpropeology Clinic. This three hour clinic is designed to get you moving smoother, faster and better than ever on a jump rope.  All skill levels will learn a lot from their teachings.  Regstration can be f...Read More


Every Minute on the Minute for 5 Minutes

Pick either:

Bar Muscle Ups

Chest to Bar or Chin Over Pull Ups (Kipping or Strict)

Ring Rows


*You select the number you want to attempt each round.  These Reps are to be done Unbroken so choose wisely.  If you come off the bar/rings early you are done for that round.  Example, if your goal is 8 reps and you only make 5 stop. Next round your new number to attempt is 5.

*The idea is that you select a movement that you can complete without assistance of an outside object.  The angle of the Ring Row can be adjusted but please no bands or box/jumping assistance. Pick the movement that will get you stronger in the long run!


For Time


Box Jump 24/20

Push Press 135/95