Coach Dan and Coach Ron are back for their third year with the Power & Fitness Summer Camp.  We're looking to improve on the gains that were made last year with some really great new ideas while staying true to what has made created amazing Teen Athletes.    Some facts of previous Teen Athletes who participated in the summer camp: -  Maddy M. set a freshman cross country record. -  Christine B. qualified for state as a freshman in the 200m dash. -  Mario C. made the A team in 8th grade football and was their number 1 receiver.    -  Abram ...Read More


Some of the Master Qualifiers will be going on Saturday at 10:30am.  Feel free to stop out, hang out and cheer them on!


Partner WOD

One Works, One Rest, Both Run

25 Minute AMRAP

400m Run with Barbell Overhead 45/35 (Buy-In)

then, with the remaining time, AMRAP of

40 Double Squat Wall Balls 20/14

40 Plyo Skater Lunges

40 Push Ups

100m Run


One Bar per Team.  NO DROPPING THE BAR!!!! You must place the bar back into the rack before continuing into the AMRAP


You will perform a Front Squat with the Medicine Ball before squatting again and going into the Wall Ball.


Use the Lines in the mats for the Plyo Skater Lunge. 4 foot(ish) standard.  Plyo Skater Lunge looks like THIS