CrossFit NorthWest Tucson has two members with IRONMAN goals.  See their stories below.   Rob Lingo - "This year I'm racing IRONMAN Arizona and will raise funds for Smile Train to help give children around the world not only new smiles, but a second chance at life. Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides free surgery to poor children suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate. Children born with cleft cannot eat or speak properly, aren't allowed to attend school or hold a job and face very difficult lives of shame and isolation, pain and heartache...Read More

FRIDAY 072514

Freddy Camacho says what we're all thinking (in this case "we" = Coach Dan) in his own Freddy style.


Warning: there is some language in this article. 


20 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats


  • Top scores in the World are in the mid to upper 30 rounds.  

  • Anything near or above 20 rounds is a great score.

  • Everybody, regardless of skill level, should be over 10 rounds. If not, evaluate your scale as it was too difficult.

  • One of CrossFit HQ’s favorite WODs.  Bodyweight ninjas do really well with this.  The reps are low, allowing you to push through each round. Mentally you might want to stop and break up the Squats but physically you will always be able to complete that unbroken.  Push ups are where most people will struggle.  

  • Muscle failure will typically set in at some point during the 20 minutes.  Your goal is to keep this from happening for as long as possible.  If this means breaking the reps up from the start so be it. The push ups is where a good strategy will yield you the best result.

  • People who have unassisted pull ups but know that they will struggle with 5 reps over the course of 20 minutes could look into scaling to 3 reps per round.  This will give them the feel for what the push ups and squats feel like in the later rounds.