The weekend of October 18th will have many CrossFit NorthWest Tucson ladies competing in the Wine, Women and WOD at CrossFit Tucson.  This is an all women competition running all day down at 3820 S. Palo Verde Road.  Take some time out of your Saturday and come support these lovely ladies. The following week, CrossFit NorthWest Tucson is hosting RX Jump Rope's Jumpropeology Clinic. This three hour clinic is designed to get you moving smoother, faster and better than ever on a jump rope.  All skill levels will learn a lot from their teachings.  Regstration can be f...Read More

FRIDAY 103114

Happy Halloween Everyone! Normal Friday Class schedule today!


3 Rounds

10 Arch to Hollow Swings DEMO VIDEO

*This is technically a hollow to arch to hollow but you get the point.

*Pause after each rep.  Pause should be controlled with the core but use ground or box if needed.



For Time

30 Clean & Jerk 135/95


  • Goal times is to keep everyone at or under 3 minutes. Choose an appropriate weight to stay within the targer (RX Times may be faster).

  • The WOD says Clean & Jerk but in reality it is Ground to Shoulder, THEN, Shoulder to Overhead. Power, Squat, Split, Muscle Cleans are all acceptable. Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk are allowed.

  • This is sprint workout.

  • Good form from the start will keep you moving well towards the end, i.e. Jerks from the start vs. push press at the start. Be smart and keep moving!